Active Geek

Join the guys from Active Geek Productions Jim DiLullo and Chuck Miller for their weekly podcast focusing on comics, movies, television, wrestling, and everything else geek culture. The kid gloves come off as the geeks give their unbiased opinions on the happenings in the geek world. As true and devoted fans Jim and Chuck bring their own brand of creativity and comedy to educate and familiarize geeks around the world with everything geek culture. The Active Geek Podcast is part of the Geek Culture Cast Network and releases fun new episodes every Wednesday on iTunes, Soundcloud & Spreaker.

In episode 70 one of the geeks is missing as Jim previews the upcoming Starz television series based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel American Gods. Jim shares his thoughts on the book, the characters, and gives his expectations for the series.

In episode 69, the geeks are taking a closer look at the group known as the Teen Titans. Jim and Chuck share their feelings about the evolution of the Titans as well as their future. Also discussed in this episode is the upcoming DC animated film Teen Titans: Judas Contract. Find out who the geeks think is the better leader as well as their favorite member.

In episode 68 Jim invites two of his best friends to join him and Chuck in celebrating his last night of bachelorhood. Forgoing all of the normal bachelor party traditions, Jim, Chuck, and guests Jesse and Tom share their thoughts on several geek topics ranging from space to zombies. Laughs are had, stories are shared and dudes being dudes happen as the guys let loose and have one hell of a podcast.
In episode 67 the geeks remember a time where Disney classics were animated. Well those days are gone and in the wake of the release of Beauty and the Beast, the geeks share their thoughts on the live action Disney movies. Jim also shares his true feelings about Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

In episode 66 the geeks go on a quest to bring you the story of the Iron Fist. From the early 70’s to present day the Iron Fist has had its fair share of obstacles to get through. Now the Iron Fist is getting the recognition he deserves as he takes his story to Netflix on 3/17/17.

In episode 65 the geeks discuss the legend that is King Kong. They go back to 1933 to discuss the origin of Kong, then talk about his teenage years,and conclude the episode with a preview of Kong: Skull Island which has an AMAZING cast.

In episode 64 the geeks are discussing one of the most popular comic book characters of ALL TIME, WOLVERINE. The geeks cover comic book and film origins, culminating in the preview of the newest chapter of the X Men universe Logan. In addition the geeks share their thoughts of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of weapon X.

In episode 64 the geeks take a journey back to 1887 when the worlds greatest detective was created. Jim and Chuck discuss the history of Sherlock Holmes, from his creation by Sir Author Conan Doyle to his television iterations (Sherlock and Elementary) and finally his representation in film (Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock and Mr Holmes).

In episode 62 the geeks are entering the wonderful world of Lego as they break down the history of Lego and all things Lego. They also go into detail about the upcoming blockbuster, The Lego Batman Movie. The only question the geeks have is, why is Lego such a popular brand?