Friends of the Network

Here’s a list of great people to get to know. Over the years we have met many amazing creators, podcasters, writers, artists, story tellers, and other content creators. This list represents a select few whom we find to be close friends. We hope you get to know these great people like we have. Cheers!!! GCCN Team.

Miles Greb: After the Gold Rush Comic book Creator (among 50 million more titles this guy does….he never sleeps)

Timothy Wood & Tomas Wanke: Creators of Australi (one of our favorite books to read and see, definitely worth your time)

Ryan Little: Creator of Lonesomes (you’ll never be alone again, colorful, and vibrant)

Carrie Tupper, Alan Tupper and Havana Nguyen: Creators of Kamikaze (scifi you just have to read and get lost in)

Lilac City Comicon: Hosted in the beautiful city of Spokane Washington, this comicon is a must for true Comic Book Convention Lovers.

James Haick: Solar Flare comic book creator (post apocolyptic era, when the sun rendered all electronics useless)