Here is a list of interviews we have held on Geek Culture Cast Network. If you are interested in being interviewed please use our contact page for more information.

The Crew were lucky enough to get Mr. Ryan Little the creator of the comic book “Lonesomes” to speak about his 2nd book in his series, that recently launched on Kick Starter. Chulak admits to his re investment into the show Gotham, Lady archer says mean things to Chulak about interview etiquette, and finally Lady Archer convinces Ryan Little to pose his scandalous sweater jacket while in a dark office room.

Chulak, and shotty internet connection Kj the Comic guy interview James Haick from Solar Flare Comic. The Legends crew met James at Heroes Con 2016, and were blown away by the comic book. His comic features a scifi apocalyptic world, where a Solar Flare has eliminated all electronics from the world. James tells us about how he created his project, and all of the ups and downs that come with the creation of an independent comic book.

Legends of the Panel Catch up with the crew from the acclaimed comic book Kamikaze. We talk about their ongoing dreams to take their comic to a live action series, and touch base with what they thought about Heroes Con 2016.

These are the interviews from the Heroes Con 2016 floor. Over 1 full hour of great floor interviews, from the crew at Legends of the Panel Podcast. We interview the likes of: Robbi Rodriguez, Andy Smith, Todd Dezago, Naomi Romero, Ominous Press, AC Medina, and many more for future episodes. Please like, share, rate, and spread the word about the show and interviews. We absolutely had a blast this year at Heroes Con, run by Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find.

Legends of the Panel Podcast Crew catch back up with Miles Greb, creator of After the Gold Rush comic. He brings issue number 2 back to kickstarter.

We touch base with the crew from Australi Comic, and host a live Q & A.

This week on the show we interview Jeremy Hauck, creator of the successfully funded kickstarter book No Wonder. We dig into his creative brain and learn about his process, on how he came up with this great project. Finally we all put on our tin foil hats, and talk about the future of The Flash, and Super Girl. Tune in for a stellar episode, and chime in with your thoughts.No Wonder Comic Home PageFacebookTwitter

Legends of the Panel proudly interviews Tomas Wanke, and Timothy Wood, on their upcoming, and successfully funded kickstarter Australi Comic. This is the full unedited interview for your listening pleasure. If you would like to help the project please visit
Twitter: @AustraliComic

The crew is back after a brief run-about with life. We were lucky enough to have Comic Creator of After the Gold Rush comic, Miles Greb on, to talk about his Comic Book. The interview is part of an on going series detailing what it takes to take a comic book idea, from concept, to finished book. The Lady Archer talks Red Sonja on Origins, and the crew discus the past 3 weeks in comic book news.