Legends of the Panel

Chulak, Kj the Comic Guy, and The Lady Arhcer, bring you a bi-weekly podcast featuring all of your favorite comic book heroes from the pages themselves to the big screens. Each episode covers great interviews, comic news, rumors, and reviews of your most recent super heroes.

The crew are 2 for 2 with in studio recordings. Libations are fluid, and the Lady Archer has to be cat wrangled yet again. The crew talk about the upcoming movies, their trailers, and news and excitement on new castings announced. Tell us what you think about the upcoming movies and tv shows.
The whole crew is back in the studio after a long while. Chulak showers The Lady Archer with all of her gifts from KJ and the Toronto Comicon adventure. We digest all of Iron Fist, talk about upcoming movies, and finally give you our honest opinion of the movie Logan.

KJ and Chulak are the lonely guys in studio this week, with the lady archer making pies of lies with her best friend booster gold. Right off the bat KJ and Chulak talk about all the current movie and tv news in the comic world that has happened the past 3 weeks. Powerless gets an under powered final rating from Chulak, and KJ admits again to his secret love affair with Spider Gwen. Upcoming interview with Jay Bell and his young adult web comic is talked about on the show. Finally we shed light on 2 of our close friends @Australicomic and @Goldrushcomic on their new kickstarters and con circuit visits at the Emerald City Comi-con.

The Crew were lucky enough to get Mr. Ryan Little the creator of the comic book “Lonesomes” to speak about his 2nd book in his series, that recently launched on Kick Starter. Chulak admits to his re investment into the show Gotham, Lady archer says mean things to Chulak about interview etiquette, and finally Lady Archer convinces Ryan Little to pose his scandalous sweater jacket while in a dark office room.

With a little bit of elmers glue, duct tape, and some coat hangers, KJ, Chulak, and The Lady Archer return to the show for a recap of all the upcoming movies and tv shows. Legion, Iron Fist, and the state of Marvel’s X-Men are talked about. Chulak provides a new segment called Pop Culture, where he lists the top 90’s Comic book movies. Finally the crew finally get their hands back on some new comic releases, the crew talk about which books they look forward to snagging at the comic shop.

Chulak, and shotty internet connection Kj the Comic guy interview James Haick from Solar Flare Comic. The Legends crew met James at Heroes Con 2016, and were blown away by the comic book. His comic features a scifi apocalyptic world, where a Solar Flare has eliminated all electronics from the world. James tells us about how he created his project, and all of the ups and downs that come with the creation of an independent comic book.

The Crew do a full spoiler review of Doctor Strange movie. We talk abou Captain Stephen Amell getting head butted by a Syracuse Football Fan, and finally we talk about our 2 major upcoming interview with “Solar Flare”, and “Ominous Press”.