Ladies he’s Off the Market

Our good friend Jim over at the Active Geek podcast has officially removed himself from the market ladies. Jim said his I Do’s this past week, and we at the GCCN family couldn’t be happier for him. Somehow this guy even managed to sneak in a Bachelor Party Podcast Episode…. I’m Pretty sure you wouldnt be able to get me infront of a mic on my bachelor night. (Black Mail) Congrats again Jim!!!


In episode 68 Jim invites two of his best friends to join him and Chuck in celebrating his last night of bachelorhood. Forgoing all of the normal bachelor party traditions, Jim, Chuck, and guests Jesse and Tom share their thoughts on several geek topics ranging from space to zombies. Laughs are had, stories are shared and dudes being dudes happen as the guys let loose and have one hell of a podcast.