Warp My Tardis

KJ the Comic Guy and Chulak, are two Sci­Fi geeks
who talk current and historical Sci-Fi series, movies and episodes.
Every 2 weeks, we discuss a single episode or film from the Sci-
Fi and Supernatural genre relating it to society today, technological advances and just great stories.

Kj and Chulak prepare for the epic adventure to Toronto next week, so there is no movie review. The crew instead talk about the naming of Jason Isaacs announcement as captain of Star Trek Discovery. Jurrasic park and what it meant to us as it hits Netflix for re-watching. They also cover all the upcoming scifi and movie tv news.

The Crew with Special Guest Miles Greb (Creator of After the Gold Rush Comic) honor the late Richard Hatch. Richard Hatch was well known for playing the role of Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica Tv series, and his role in the new series as Tom Zerak. We talk about his role, as an actor, humanitarian and how he related his characters to us today. Tune In in Honor of this late great actor. R.I.P. Captain Apollo, you will be missed.

James Cameron is touted as one of the best directors in the modern era. We pit the 3 movies together base on re-watch and special effects. How do your top 3 stack up?

KJ the Comic Guy and Chulak talk about the 80’s cult classic, Flash Gordon. What once was a comic strip made movie, where it stood in the 1980’s cinematography and how it’s held up to today’s standards. We also jump into the year of 2016, and how much it sucked…..literally. What scifi movies made your good and bad list of 2016, was Rogue One really a good movie???? Let us know.

Kj the Comic guy, and Chulak talk about Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Incorporated. One a Cult Classic hit, and the other a view of where our world might be heading. Tune in and tell us what you think about both. Don’t forget to tweet and subscribe!!!! @geekculturecast @warpmytardis